Associate Members

Associate Members

The associate members comprise:

(A) Islamic financial institutions and companies that comply with Islamic Shari’ah rules and principles in all their transactions.

(B) Islamic Fiqh academies and learning institutions.

Associate members shall have the right to participate and vote in the meetings of the General Assembly but without a right to vote. They shall also have the right to take part in AAOIFI’s events and receive AAOIFI’s publications at AAOIFI’s members’ rates.

An associate member is entitled to enjoy the rights of the founding members provided the following terms are satisfied:

(A) File an application in this respect.

(B) Obtain an initial approval by the Board of Trustees of this application.

(C) Fulfill all the financial obligations of the founding members from the date of the initial approval.

(D) Issuance of a final resolution on this application by the General Assembly.