CIPA Fees and Discounts

CIPA Fees and Discounts

CIPA Fee Structure

* Please see in connection with Discount section

All fees are non-refundable.

AAOIFI reserves the right to revise the fee structure at any time.

The CIPA Candidate may register for more than one module, or for all the modules together, at the time of program registration.


CIPA Fee Discounts

AAOIFI offers the following types of discounts:

  • For AAOIFI Institutional Members: CIPA Candidates employed at institutions which are AAOIFI members / partners, are offered 10% discount on total fees payable;



  • For Developing Markets: Developing markets are defined as those countries which are 1) economically considered to be developing countries, and 2) where Islamic finance is still in an infancy stage or has a very small share is of the total market. Candidates from such countries are offered 20% discount on total fees payable.



Additional Fees

· Late Registration Fee = USD 100

· Exam Resit Fees = USD 200 per module

· PER Re-verification and Re-assessment fees = USD 200

· Exam Recheck Fees = USD 100 per module

· Annual Fellowship Fee = USD 100

· Certificate Reissuance Fee = USD 100

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