Financial Accounting Standards (FAS)

Financial Accounting Standards (FAS)

Financial Accounting Standards (CPFAS)

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What is CPFAS?

CPFAS is an advanced level certification program targeted at Islamic finance accountancy professionals who want to develop correct understanding, interpretation, and implementation skills in the requirements of the AAOIFI financial accounting standards.

The program is equivalent to the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) module of the Certified Islamic Professional Accountant (CIPA) program, and places greater emphasis on practical knowledge and real-world application.

Registration to CPFAS

The registration is open to all.

Registration deadlines for 2024 exams:

CPFAS curriculum

The curriculum of the CPFAS program comprise of the conceptual framework and all the financial accounting standards (FASs) issued by AAOIFI, which are currently effective or will be effective within eight months of the given exam window.

As of 2024, the examinable content of the certificate includes the conceptual framework, 21 FASs which are considered as core standards and 6 FASs considered as supplementary standards, where each standard has been assigned different weightages based on their market importance, relevance and practicality.

Candidates will be tested of their conceptual and practical understanding of the rationale, the requirements and the basis of conclusion of the framework as well as those FASs designated as core standards. As for those FASs designated as supplementary standards, the candidates will be tested for their basic understanding of it (excluding basis of conclusion).

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CPFAS fee and discounts

The standard fee for the CPFAS program is USD 750. The fee is inclusive of the registration fee, 1 study text, 1 mock exam, 1 exam sitting, and the certificate fee (including the shipment charges).

Discount is offered to AAOIFI institutional members, fellows, and to those candidates from developing markets.


In case both GDP and MS discounts are applicable, only the GDP discount will be applied


Click here to check the classification of country according to GDP per capita and market share criteria

How to apply the discount policy:

Find out the classification of your country as per GDP per capita and Islamic finance market share criteria, and apply the discounts accordingly on the total program fees. In case, both GDP and MS discounts apply, then the higher of the two discounts (which will always be GDP discount) will be used.

Additional fees will include

CPFAS examination

Following is the examination schedule for CPFAS program:


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