CSA introduction

CSA introduction

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What is CSA

CSA is a fellowship program to develop human resource for Islamic financial institutions’ internal Shari’ah audit, external Shari’ah audit, and Shari’ah compliance functions. The primary objective of the program is to equip candidates with the technical knowledge and professional skills required to prepare and conduct risk-based Shari’ah audits and compliance reviews in accordance with AAOIFI standards, other international standards and global best practices. The program emphasizes practical knowledge and real-world applications to enhance and optimise the learning experience.

Objectives of CSA

CSA fellows shall be expected to positively contribute on multiple fronts such as:

  1. conducting (and where applicable, planning supervising and reviewing) the internal and external Shari’ah audits in accordance with AAOIFI governance and auditing standards, other international standards and global best practices, based on a systematic risk-based professional approach, utilising the best available tools, resources and technologies;
  2. understanding and applying the Shari’ah principles and rules (particularly the AAOIFI Shari’ah standards) applicable to the Islamic finance industry in general;
  3. understanding and applying AAOIFI’s other relevant standards, including the financial accounting and ethics standards, particularly where Shari’ah principles and rules apply;
  4. performing support functions to assist the SSB including conducting SSB’s review.
  5. preparing risk-based Shari’ah audit programs and control evaluations (in line with Shari’ah principles and rules) for monitoring and evaluating the IFI’s compliance with Shari’ah principles and rules and the efficiency and effectiveness of Shari’ah compliance control structures.

Reasons for pursuing the CSA fellowship

CSA not only offers powerful learning content but also offers strong career prospects.

After successfully passing all CSA module exams and fulfilling the practical experience requirement (PER), the candidate will become a CSA fellow.

The CSA fellowship provides the following benefits:

  • prestige by appending the letters “CSA” to one’s name;
  • publication of the fellow’s name on the AAOIFI website;
  • recognition by IFIs and regulators;
  • career advancement;
  • complimentary seats and highly discounted rates for AAOIFI online workshops;
  • free online access to AAOIFI standards.
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