Initiatives to support research

Initiatives to support research

Initiatives to support research

The Journal will develop various policies to support research in accounting and allied topics. Such policies may be the following; could be changed or updated time to time:

Best paper award

To encourage high quality scientific research, the Journal may give award(s) for the best published article(s) in a year. The authors may be awarded and the papers may be displayed on AAOIFI’s and JOIFA’s webpage for a while.

Young contributor’s award

The Journal may also have an award for young researchers / professionals  for supporting scientific research through a separate section for young researchers’  papers.

Professional researcher awards

Accounting is a practical field and it is crucial for the top level research to have practical input. This is however unfortunate that the professionals generally do not have either time or aptitude to come up with top quality research.

The Journal will strongly encourage professional researchers including accountants in profession or business to come up with genuine research in the field. Separate sections may be allocated for such contributions and annual award(s) may be awarded to top contributors.

Link with AAOIFI conferences

The selected best papers will be presented in any of the upcoming conferences of AAOIFI and the author will be invited at AAOIFI’s expense to present the paper in the conference.

Awards will be presented to the paper contributors in different categories in a ceremony within these conferences.

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