Introduction to AAOIFI’s professional workshops

Introduction to AAOIFI’s professional workshops

AAOIFI, as part of its capacity building programs and initiatives, also offers professional workshops especially designed and developed to cater to the specific needs of the senior management, Shari’ah Scholars, directors, and other Islamic finance professionals working at the IFIs.

All workshops are led by AAOIFI Master Trainers who have been or are directly involved in the standards development process.

A video call is conducted by the Master Trainer with the participants / institution prior to the workshop so that the learning needs and expectations may be established and catered to effectively, giving the participants a truly optimized and intensified learning experience.

Extensive use of case studies, practice problems, illustrations, and simulations make AAOIFI workshops interactive and effective. Workshops are conducted in the preferred language of the participants.

Why AAOIFI’s professional workshops?

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