Practical Experience Requirement (PER)

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How PER will Work?

  1. Identify an IFI & a supervisor
  • Share the contact details of the IFI and the supervisor with AAOIFI.
  • AAOIFI will approve the same in writing
  1. Develop a 1-year “job description” w/ support from supervisor
  • List down the tasks you will be performing during the period
  • Assign expected % of time to be spent performing each task
  • The supervisor must sign-off the job description
  1. Submit monthly reports to AAOIFI
  • Update AAOIFI about the ongoing PER work and progress against the job description
  • Assign actual % time spent on each task
  • The supervisor must sign-off each monthly report with his/her comments, if any
  1. Submit final report to AAOIFI
  • The final report shall be compilation of monthly reports including responses to any feedback from AAOIFI + description of the learning acquired during the PER + a write-up on any gaps identified in the theory vs. practices / requirements of AAOIFI standards vs. its actual implementation
  • The supervisor must sign-off the final report with a comprehensive comment on the candidate’s PER performance, especially highlighting the progress made during the period
  1. Result announcement
  • AAOIFI may seek an interview with the candidate and/or the supervisor before grading the final report
  • A ‘pass’ grade is required to successfully fulfill the PER for AAOIFI fellowship

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