CSE fee and discounts

CSE fee and discounts

CSE fee and discounts

The CSE program fees is USD 2,200. The fee comprises the registration fee, four study texts, four mock examinations (one per module), four examination sittings (one per module), the PER fee and the CSE certificate fee (including its postal expenses).

Additional fees include:

Discounts include:

In case both GDP and MS discounts are applicable, only the GDP discount will be applied

Click here to check the classification of country according to GDP per capita and market share criteria


How to apply the discount policy:

To find out the final fee payable after applying the discount policy, undertake the following steps:

  1. deduct from standard fee the soft copy (PDF) discount if you do not want the CSE study texts in hard copy; and
  2. find out the classification of your country as per GDP per capita and Islamic finance market share criteria, and apply the discounts accordingly on the total program fees. In case, both GDP and MS discounts apply, then the higher of the two discounts (which will always be GDP discount) will be used.
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