Issued Standards

Issued Standards


(SS 01): Trading in Currencies
(SS 02): Debit Card, Charge Card and Credit Card
(SS 03): Procrastinating Debtor
(SS 04): Settlement of Debt by Set-Off
(SS 05): Guarantees
(SS 06): Conversion of a Conventional Bank to an Islamic Bank
(SS 07): Hawalah
(SS 08): Murabahah
(SS 09): Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek
(SS 10): Salam and Parallel Salam
(SS 11): Istisna’a and Parallel Istisna’a
(SS 12): Sharikah (Musharakah) and Modern Corporations
(SS 13): Mudarabah
(SS 14): Documentary Credit
(SS 15): Jua’lah
(SS 16): Commercial Papers
(SS 17): Investment Sukuk                                             
(SS 18): Possession (Qabd)
(SS 19): Loan (Qard)
(SS 20): Commodities in Organised Markets
(SS 22): Financial Papers (Shares and Bonds)
(SS 22): Concession Contracts
(SS 23): Agency
(SS 24): Syndicated Financing
(SS 25): Combination of Contracts
(SS 26): Islamic Insurance
(SS 27): Indices
(SS 28): Banking Services
(SS 29): Stipulations and Ethics of Fatwa in the Institutional Framework
(SS 30): Monetization (Tawarruq)
(SS 31): Controls on Gharar in Financial Transactions
(SS 32): Arbitration
(SS 33): Waqf
(SS 34): Hiring of Persons
(SS 35): Zakah
(SS 36): Impact of Contingent Incidents on Commitments
(SS 37): Credit Agreement
(SS 38): Online Financial Dealings
(SS 39): Mortgage and its Contemporary Applications
(SS 40): Distribution of Profit in Mudarabah-based Investments Accounts
(SS 41):Islamic Reinsurance
(SS 42): Financial Rights and How They Are Exercised and Transferred

(SS 43): Insolvency

(SS 44): Obtaining and Deploying Liquidity

(SS 45): Protection of Capital and Investments

(SS 46): Al-Wakalah Bi Al-Istithmar (Investment Agency)

(SS 47): Rules for Calculating Profit in Financial Transactions

(SS 48): Options to Terminate Due to Breach of Trust (Trust-Based Options)

(SS 49): Unilateral and Bilateral Promise

(SS 50): Irrigation Partnership (Musaqat)

(SS 51): Options to Revoke Contracts Due to Incomplete Performance

(SS 52): Options to Reconsider (Cooling-Off Options, Either-Or Options, and Options to Revoke Due to Non-Payment)

(SS 53): Arboun (Earnest Money)

(SS 54): Revocation of Contracts by Exercise of a Cooling-Off Option

(SS 55): Competitions and Prizes

(SS 56): Guarantee of Investment Manager

(SS 57): Gold and its Trading Parameters in Shari’ah

(SS 58): Repurchase   Agreement