AAOIFI conducts series of online technical workshops

The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) recently concluded a series of online technical workshops covering all areas of standard-setting: Shari’ah, accounting, auditing, governance and ethics.

In total, four workshops were held, of three days in each, during 28 June 2020 and ending at 21 July 2020. The workshops were attended by more than 100 participants from around the global who received more than 65 hours of training based on lectures, comprehensive case studies, concept checkers, MCQ-style online quizzes, brainteasers, group activities, and Q&A.

The workshops were led by the Secretary General, members of the AAOIFI Shari’ah board (ASB), the governance and ethics board (AGEB), and the education board (AEB) as well as by the head of capacity building programs and AAOIFI master trainers.

Omar Mustafa Ansari, Secretary General, said that “the workshops were organized to help Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) offer their employees a highly optimized and effective learning opportunity especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when routine work and productivity has been significantly impacted.” He also added that “AAOIFI plans to continue holding such cost-effective workshops as well as shorter seminars on periodic basis and as such invite all IFIs to nominate their employees for the same in good numbers.”

The upcoming workshops and seminars will continue to focus on some of the most important recently issued standards in all areas of standard-setting and in multiple languages in addition to English and Arabic languages. This is to maximize the geographical outreach and ensure that practitioners from all Islamic finance markets whether established or new markets, benefit from the opportunity.

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