AAOIFI Invites Bidders to Submit Proposal for: Gap Analysis, Benchmarking, and Curriculum Structuring and Designing of the CSAA Program

The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) have issued today (13 March 2017) the Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for the conduct of Gap Analysis, Benchmarking, and Curriculum structuring and designing of its Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA) program.

The bidders are required to submit both technical and financial proposals, separately, according to the terms and conditions set out in detail in the RFP posted on the following link. The deadline for submission of proposals is 05 April 2017. Assessment of submitted proposals will be based on a set of objective and clear-cut technical criteria and where the best bidder will be awarded the contract.

The issuance of RFP is on AAOIFI’s part an exercise of transparency, fairness, and best practice, and which invites all corporate entities as well as group of professional individuals to submit competitive bids.

The rationale behind undertaking the strenuous research exercise is to build a new CSAA qualification from ground up after duly benchmarking it against several other international qualifications taking into utmost consideration the ever changing environment of global financial markets and industry trends. Proposals may be submitted via email ([email protected]).

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