AAOIFI published a detailed report and media coverage on its International Conference in Madinah

In view of the positive reverberations of AAOIFI International Conference for its 25th Anniversary, within professional, scholarly, and media circles, AAOIFI has issued on its website and through social media a detailed report on its conference which was recently held in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah under the theme: “Islamic Finance Industry – 40 Years Since Inception: Evaluation of Experience and the Way Forward”. The report included illustrated excerpts, and links to video footages of the conference opening ceremony and sessions, as well as links to all research papers and presentations delivered at its various sessions. Moreover, it included a bunch of statistics and figures related to the conference. AAOIFI has also published a compilation of major press and media converges of the conference and its proceedings.
Please download the report from here
Please download the Press Coverage from here

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