AAOIFI’s Publications Available for Sale In Bookstores and on AAOIFI’s Online Store. Digital Version Launched

In its efforts to widen the scope of accessibility to its issuances worldwide, AAOIFI has released its five issuances, i.e., standards books and research studies compendium (overall, 8 volumes) in an elegant shape and design and in keeping up with highest standards of quality both in substance and form. These issuances are available now for sale through a global network of distributors and bookstores across a number of countries, in addition to major international book fairs in Arab countries. Details and updates are available on AAOIFI’s website (www.aaoifi.com).

To ensure that these publications are readily accessible by people in different parts of the world, AAOIFI has offered them through its online store (on its corporate website) along with international shipping facility for online purchases.

AAOIFI has decided to offer its issuances for sale at very affordable prices (below cost) in its bid to make it easier for a wider array of readers/ users to have access thereto, and according to the following price scheme:

  • All standards books (4 in total): Shari’ah Standards (both Arabic and English), and Accounting, Auditing, Governance and Ethics Standards (both Arabic and English) are offered at USD 35 per copy or its equivalent in other currencies.


  • Shari’ah Studies compendium (4 volumes) is offered for sale at USD 65.

Furthermore, AAOIFI has taken an important step towards dissemination and promotion of these standards as exemplified in the release of the digital version of all its publications on its website for a nominal annual subscription amount, allowing a subscriber to browse and do a search using five devices at most (including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smart phones). Additionally, digital version subscription enables subscribers to view and avail all new standards and their studies as soon as AAOIFI issues them in digital format without having to wait till the corresponding paper version is published at some future date.

AAOIFI is currently working on development of 15 new standards, all are now in different stages of completion. It is expected that a number of these new standards will be finalized and issued in 2016, and will be exclusively available to subscribers of the digital versions of AAOIFI’s issuances.

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