Press Release AAOIFI 18th Annual Shari’ah Boards conference

AAOIFI has considered the current regional and global situation in the aftermath of Corona virus (COVID – 19) outbreak and the quarantine imposed by many countries and the mass cancellation of flights regionally and globally, as well as, the circulars issued by the concerned Bahraini authorities (based on WHO,s call) to avoid holding public events in upcoming days. Accordingly, and in AAOIFI,s utmost desire for not putting at risk the health and wellbeing of the attendees / participants of its Shariah conference, particularly those travelling from other countries, it has been decided to postpone the 18th edition of the conference to 7 – 8 June 2020 (tentatively)

“May Allah save all, from diseases and catastrophes”

For more information, please contact:
– Dr. Abdul Rahamn Al Saadi, [email protected]
– Yaser Rifat, Tel.: 0097338881030 – [email protected]

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