Special Offers on AAOIFI’s Publications, Paper and Digital Formats, at Riyadh International Book Fair

In accordance with its policy to bolster ties with all stakeholders including scholars, researchers, professionals and other types of intellects, and in light of the substantial turn out AAOIFI’s publications were accorded with by the visitors of Riyadh International Book Fair last year, Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) has been keen to be present at this major cultural gathering, where it offers throughout the days of the book fair, 9-19 March 2016, all its 5 publications (8 volumes) that were issued in an elegant form and design and with highest standards of quality. It also offers the digital version of its publications for sale, and for the first time, through subscription cards which come with access codes whereby users can activate online subscription to any of AAOIFI’s issuances.

In this regard, AAOIFI intends to extend a special discount on its publications to the visitors of the Riyadh International Book Fair, including subscription cards for the digital version which will sell only for SAR 30 per any of the four issuances of AAOIFI standards books (Shari’ah Standards, Arabic and English) and Accounting, Auditing, Governance and Ethics Standards, Arabic and English). Subscription to the digital version of the Shari’ah Standards Research Papers (4 volumes) will be available at a reduced price of SAR 50 only.

Subscription to the digital version of AAOIFI’s standards and Shari’ah standards research studies allows subscribers to browse and do a search in these issuances for a whole calendar year, using five devices at most (including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smart phones). Additionally, digital version subscription enables subscribers to view and avail all new standards and their studies as soon as AAOIFI issues them in digital format without having to wait till the corresponding paper version is published at some future date.
AAOIFI is currently working on development of 15 new standards, all are now in different stages of completion. It is expected that a number of these new standards will be finalized and issued in 2016, and will be exclusively available to subscribers of the digital versions of AAOIFI’s issuances.

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