AAOIFI 22nd Annual Shari’ah Boards Conference

The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) is pleased to announce its 22nd Annual Shari’ah Boards Conference, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Bahrain, taking place on 19-20 Shawwal 1445 AH corresponding to 28-29 April 2024 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Kingdom of Bahrain.

This annual conference for Shari’ah Boards stands as a pinnacle gathering in the Islamic finance industry, bringing together Shari’ah scholars and decision-makers to discuss various central topics and developments in the global Islamic finance industry.

The two-day conference program will feature keynote addresses along with six panel sessions involving esteemed scholars, leaders, and experts in Islamic finance. The main focus topics will include two panel discussions titled: “Shari’ah Issues in Sukuk and the new Sukuk standard: potential challenges in implementation” and “Impact of the Shari’ah standards on the practices of Islamic financial institutions.” Other panel sessions will cover crucial topics in the Islamic finance industry such as:

  • Rules for issuing Service Agency Sukuk with underlying assets of shares
  • Zakat on Sukuk with its common structures
  • Stipulating of excess on a loan to be made by a third-party
  • Additionally, there will be a panel session on “The need for global standards in the Halal industry.”

The Conference will witness the participation of a constellation of Shari’ah scholars, senior representatives from central banks, regulatory and supervisory authorities, financial institutions, accounting and auditing firms, legal firms, universities, higher education institutions, and media outlets from around the globe.

In light of the conference, His Excellency Sheikh Ibrahim bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Chairman of AAOIFI’s Board of Trustees, stated: “The Shari’ah Boards Conference organized by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions, supported by the Central Bank of Bahrain and several Islamic financial institutions, has played a significant role in guiding the global Islamic finance industry over the past 21 years.” He expressed his delight in organizing this pioneering conference once again this year and looks forward to hosting participants including Shari’ah scholars, policy-makers, decision-makers, leaders, and other experts in the Islamic finance industry.

We are also pleased to announce that live translation services will be available during the conference. Attendees will have access to real-time interpretation in English, French, Russian, Turkish, Bengali, Bahasa, and Urdu languages. This initiative aims to ensure inclusivity and facilitate seamless communication for participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

To register for this conference and view the agenda, please click here.

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